Focusing on quality service and personalized care,  Thrive Wellness offers Plans that are tailored to  your medical needs and can be altered to meet changes. We have a highly trained staff consisting of a supervising Physician,  a Nurse Practitioner specializing and Certified in Botox and Dermal Fillers, and amazing Aestheticians. 



Weight Loss


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Medical Weight Loss Program

Nutrition Counseling


We offer all the components to make you successful on your weight loss journey.


                 We strive to provide the best services possible. 


With our 16 week Medical Weight Loss Program patients will receive a weight loss manual along with weekly handouts.  We continually educate patients about healthy eating habits, making better choices, and lifestyle changes they can make along their weight loss journey. 

We offer supplements that have been researched and proven to help suppress the appetite, making weight loss more achievable.  These can improve cholesterol levels, suppress hunger, and facilitate weight loss.  We want to support you as you make this commitment to a healthier lifestyle and a better you. 

We offer a variety of injections to facilitate weight loss.  

Lipotropic Injections:  These injections are much more than a standard B12 & B6 injection.  They include a compilation of B vitamins as well as other natural ingredients. They boost energy, detox the liver, facilitate weight loss, boost metabolism, reduce stress, improve memory, helps to balance fluid and fluid production, balance thyroid production, improves cardiovascular health, and much more. 

HCG Injections:  The HCG injections are hormone injections that help protect lean muscle as your daily caloric intake drops to a much lower calculated amount.  The HCG helps your body target and burn fat stored in the body. We determine caloic intake based on medical history and current health status.  (Not everyone will qualify medically for these injections).

We do offer prescription appetite suppressants to help individuals avoid overeating while on the weight loss program. This suppresses the feelings of hunger and promotes better compliance with the weight loss program and recommended daily caloric intake. We want everyone to be as successful as possible while striving to improve their health.  (Not everyone will qualify for these prescriptions, which will be determined by the healthcare providers).