Permanent Makeup 

Eyeliner, Microblading, & Lips

Permanent Makeup provides a perfect look without maintenance. 

Permanent Eyeliner can be customized to fit your individual requests. We offer tattoo liner or lash enhancement.  The lash enhancement creates a shaded look, in case you don't want a harsh defined line from the permanent liner. Consultations are free.  Each permanent makeup service includes a complimentary touch-up. 

Upper Eyeliner: $250.  Lower Eyeliner: $150.  Upper & Lower: $350



Microblading creates a natural but permanent appearance to the brows.  Each hair stroke creates the look of full brows. These are waterproof, smudge-proof, and perfect.  Color, thickness, and shape will be customized to fit individual requests.  All consultations are free.  Each treatment includes a complimentary touch-up.  

Microblading with Ombre Brows: $500.       Microblading:  $450


Lip Liner and Full Lip Color tattoos provide the perfect permanent look.  You can bring in your favorite color of lipstick or liner and we will customize the color to match.  Each treatment includes touch-up. Consultations are free. 

Full Lips: $250

Lip Liner: $200