Forms for you to fill out before your visit. 

Forms required by ALL patients wanting Botox or Dermal Fillers.


Cosmetic Injection Form:

Forms only for Botox Patients

Botox Informed Consent:

Botox Pre-procedure Instructions:

Botox Post-Procedure Instructions:

As a licensed Botox and Dermal Filler  provider, Thrive Wellness truly understands the value of your time, health, and appearance.  With a complete staff of professional and certified care givers, we are here to help create the look you want today! 

Forms only for Dermal Filler Patients

Dermal Filler Informed Consent:

Dermal Filler Pre-Procedure Instructions:

Dermal Filler Post-Procedure Instructions:

We provide online access to the forms you will need to complete for your visit.  This allows for a convenient and effortless visit for your busy lifestyle.

Forms for Latisse Patients

Latisse Informed Consent:

Weight Loss Forms

Diet Personality Profile: 

Weight Loss Basic Info:

Personal Information & Medical History:

Permanent Makeup Pretreatment Form:

Microblading or Eyeliner Pretreatment form: