Lash Extensions, Waxing, Brow & Lash Tinting


Focusing on quality service and personalized care, Thrive Wellness  provides a wide range of Aesthetician services that include full body waxing. Our Aesthetician brings over 10 years experience and will provide the best treatment experience possible.  

Xtreme Lashes

Brow & Lash Tinting

Our waxing services include:


Full face



Half Legs

Full Legs





Wake up looking fabulous with Xtreme Lashes.  No mascara needed with these. The Aesthetician will secure a lash extension on each of your individual lashes.  This gives you a stunning look. Our Aesthetician has 10 years experience and is specifically certified in Xtreme Lashes.  Your eyes say it all! 

Select from 3D, 4D, Black, multiple colors, Xtreme or silk lashes to customize your look. 

Your first initial set will take a relaxing 90 minutes to apply the lashes.  Then your follow up visits will take aproximately 60 minutes. These lashes last approximately 4 weeks depending on how you care for them, and which cosmetic products you use.  Our aesthetician will advise you in the best products to use while having Lash Extensions. 


Don't mess with drawing in your brows each morning.  We offer brow and lash tinting. You may select brown, dark brown, or black depending on your color preference.   This appointment only takes approximately 30 minutes to attain your new look.  Brow tinting compliments Xtreme Lashes perfectly.